Livestock Transport Relaunch

Livestock TransportationLivestock Transport has just released a new version of the site.  The site has been upgraded with new social features like ratings, feedback, comments, and messaging.  We have a RSS news feed to keep you in touch with news items and new shipping request / trip tickets  at (so subscribe now).

All new requests and trips are broadcast  on twitter (  and facebook (

Enjoy the site and let us know of any changes you would like on the site or any issues you may encounter.

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11 Responses to “Livestock Transport Relaunch”

  1. Livestock-ID Says:

    Congratulations on the new site, looks very nice.
    Livestock Transport is doing an excellent job, on keeping up with the times.

    Livestock-ID, Animal Identification Resources

  2. Don Reevers Says:

    Congrats! Its always a great to hear about new sites coming online. Just tryingto get the word out there about auto shipping network. Check them out for all your auto transport needs

  3. Sofia Howard Says:

    Does anyone transport oversea would like to bring 4 gilts young hog from UK to Houston Texas
    If anyone could help me on this please email SRH4405@MSN.Com

  4. murat Says:

    Need livestock vessel ex sao paolo to Turkey for 2000 cattle. Please help me to find a reliable carrier.

    Thank you

  5. Mark Says:

    Hi Murat, Please register on our site and create a shipping request. The request will go out to all haulers on the site.


  6. walker jones Says:

    I work for a shiping company and i have a client who want to ship live cattle from the US to Turkey. He’s starting a new business and would like to get an idea of costs. Please get back to me, as soon as possible. We might be interested in chartering an entire vessel for a year. This is a big project, with a lot of potential.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  7. Mark Says:

    Hi Walker,

    Please create a request on the site and Haulers will get back to you with a price : Livestock Transport Site

    Register at:


  8. matt granahan Says:

    We are attempting to ship 300 cattle from the United States to Turkey. Each cattle is approximately 150 to 300 kilograms. Please advise on shipment cost.

  9. Mark Says:

    Hi Matt, Please create a shipping request on and our list of haulers will contact you.

    To Register:


  10. Dino Says:

    Hi. I am triying to ship 50 calves from Savannah GA. to Turkey and they weigh about 150 lbs. each

    can you give me price estimate please

  11. Mark Says:

    Hi Dino

    Please create a shipping request on and our list of haulers will contact you.

    To Register:


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